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Shear Talent in Bethel Park is the place to be when it comes to perms! We’ve come a long way in providing clients with versatile and modern hairstyles, offering either full body curls or voluminous straight hair. If you want to give your fine, limp locks some life, our stylists will happily discuss whether a perm is the right choice for you and ensure that you walk out of the salon looking runway-ready. Book an appointment with Shear Talent today, like never before and love your new look!


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Permanent Wave


Spiral Perm
Custom Perm
* Pricing may vary depending on the particular stylist.

Why Choose Shear Talent Hair Salon For Your Next Perm?

Shear Talent hair salon in Bethel Park is the perfect place for your next perm. Shear Talent offers outstanding, professional service and the staff are trained experts in the craft of hair perms. What’s more, Shear Talent uses only premium-quality products to ensure that you get a fantastic result and long-lasting, stylishly beautiful curls. From classic perms to modern techniques, Shear Talent can cater to your individual needs by offering advice on how to achieve exactly the look you’re hoping for. Shear Talent is all about great quality, personalised service and beautiful curls! So why not choose Shear Talent for your next perm?

Types of Perms or Techniques

  • Permanent Wave
  • Spiral Perm
  • Creative Perm
  • Body Wave

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