Hi I’m Dee!

I’ve always had a love for hair since as far back as I can remember. It all started with the Barbie head. Right away my mother knew I’d become a hairdresser. She vowed that she’d do whatever it would take to make sure I’d get to beauty school. Fortunately I had a wonderful Aunt that strongly believed in furthering your education. It all started the summer of 1983! I attended Pittsburgh Beauty Academy. I started off with my with cosmetologist license and graduated in April 1984. I then worked in a few small salons. Then I decided that i needed to further my education once again. I went on to get my managers license as well in 1989. I then worked in the field as not only a stylist, but was able to become a part of management in salons. I have worked in several types of salons from your local private owned to franchise owned to you big name mall salons. Ive had several years of on going training within these salons that I have worked for. I have been the trainer as well. I have taught classes in salons that I have worked in teaching skin care, color formulation and technique, make up application. These are some of my favorite areas to work in!

The list of services I can provide are:

  • Haircut ( Men, Women, Children )
  • Color/ High Lights and low lights/ Corrective Color/ Double process
  • Permanent Waves ( Spiral, piggy back, root perm )
  • Facial Waxing
  • Chemical Straightening ( relaxers )
  • Formal Hair Styling (updo’s and blow drying/ curling iron sets )

If I had to pick my favorite thing to do…..COLOR it is!!!! I love to do color and change someones hair to bring out all of their natural beauty. I’ve been doing hair for 32 years now and I’ve not gotten rich off of it. I will say that I’ve felt rich with pride. Some people measure success in dollar signs…….I prefer to measure it in happiness. When a client hugs you after their service and gives me that huge smile and the “I love my new hair”. Thats when I feel RiCH with pride that my work is walking out that door happy and satisfied.

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