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Keratin Treatments

Shear Talent is proud to introduce Cezanne, the innovative and revolutionary keratin treatment available. Not only does it add a glossy shine while simultaneously smoothing hair but it also makes hair stronger and healthier. With its low pH formulation, broken or damaged hair bonds are restored, eliminating any need for traditional methods of dealing with such issues. Most importantly, Shear Talent’s Cezanne is free from any aldehydes or harmful toxins compared to other similar products on the market – giving you, your clients and your salon the assurance that there will be no dangerous vapor or fumes present in the environment. Shear Talent allows our customers to have beautiful hair without any health risks – now that’s something worth investing in!


Starting Price*

Cezanne Classic Treatment up to 5 months
Starting at $225
Cezanne Blonde Treatment up to 5 months with toning abilities
Starting at $240
Cezanne Express Treatment up to 3 months
Starting at $200
Cezanne Express Blonde Treatment up to 3 months with toning abilities
Starting at $215

Our Signature Cezanne Keratin Treatment

Shear Talent’s revolutionary low pH keratin treatment, Cezanne, is an innovative and healthier way to help repair broken or damaged hair in your clients. Not only does it offer a glossy shine and smoother finish, but Cezanne works by actually making the hair stronger as well. Shear Talent ensures that this safe and effective product is also free from aldehydes and other harmful toxins that may be found in similar products–thus providing you and your salon with a safer environment free from any vapors or fumes. Rest assured, Shear Talent has your safety top of mind!

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