Joining our team in 1984, Denise’s 30+ years of professional experience and training has made her one of Shear Talent’s most sought after Stylists, as well as one of the salon’s top producers.

Having a zeal for learning, Denise believes that to effectively deliver on a client’s requests, it is of paramount importance to be on top of current industry trends and styles through certifications, continuing education, seminars, etc. Denise graduated from The Pittsburgh Beauty Academy in 1983 and, to date, is one of the salon’s most accomplished stylists.

Denise maintains a youthful posture and enthusiasm towards everything in life and enjoys exercising her creativity. Denise quotes, “I absolutely love my profession! Hairstyling is more of a passion than a career to me. I attribute much of my success to great communication with clients! It is HUGE to understand exactly what they like and want, as well as to relate what realistically can or cannot be done with their particular hair type.”

Denise is married to her wonderful husband for 10 years and has 2 cute kitty cats at home. When not doing what she loves at the salon, Denise enjoys exercising, family time, vacations in Maine, attending Amplify Church, hiking, kayaking and loves warm weather!

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