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Bob Hoffman, the owner of Shear Talent, has some big news! Please take a moment to read his statement below.

​“I am officially announcing that Shear Talent now has a new business partner, Carrie Barchanowicz. As of today and moving forward, Carrie will be co-owning and managing the salon!

​Carrie started her career as an employee of Shear Talent. She was young, spunky, and full of excitement. After her time with us, she went on to work at a prestigious salon in Pittsburgh and has since become incredibly knowledgeable in the art of hair and has developed excellent leadership skills. Now, she has come full circle.

​After running Shear Talent for over 50 years – yes, I said it – I need to ensure that my stylists will have someone there to manage the business when I retire. I’m still not sure when that will be. Shear Talent is my baby. I was so young when I purchased the salon as a 20-year-old. We have had so many laughs and so much fun over the years. It was much easier for me back then without all of the technology that exists today. Running a business has changed so much over these past five decades.

​I truly feel that Carrie is the perfect person to step in at this time and I hope that the community will support my decision to slowly release the Shear Talent Salon business to her over the next few years. She will eventually become the sole owner of the salon.

​I love my talented stylists, loyal customers, and wonderful staff, and I feel relieved and at peace to have someone as knowledgeable and competent as Carrie to take over. I love my community and have been blessed to be a part of South Park Shops for so many years. It is the best location ever! My heart is full of thanks to the Lord for leading me in my decisions. Onward we go!”

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